Why PhotoMidwest Moved to 700 Rayovac Dr.

Floor plan

Map of New Location

More usable space: The old space was starting to constrain our ability to easily and flexibly schedule the Special Interest Groups and classes. We can now schedule classes on any day or night of the week or weekend and also be able to hold regularly scheduled interest group or committee meetings at the same time if needed.

The new location has three separate gathering areas: A Large space with comparable seating to our present one for larger meetings or classes, a Small space for the Digital Lab and smaller classes, and a Gallery space which can be used for meetings or classes. We also have a shared boardroom with an adjacent kitchen in the lower lobby at no extra cost.

Accessibility: We are now accessible to all members. The new space has American Disability Act width doors and a working elevator. The building has an adjacent parking lot. Bathrooms and a counter with a sink are directly across the hallway from PhotoMidwest.

Location: Unfortunately, it’s not on the Isthmus. The Williamson St. area is one of the hottest real estate markets in Madison. We needed to retain a parking lot for members and not increase the average distance members’ drive. This was not financially feasible in the Williamson St. area.

Location: The new location is on a bus route and has good bicycling access. We also wanted to facilitate members traveling by the University campus to ride share with students. The Chazen, Memorial Union, and Union South offer good facilities to pick up and drop off someone sharing a ride.

Larger Darkroom: The new darkroom is larger than the current one, with donated equipment and good ventilation. We have seen an increase in use of the darkroom and now offer film and darkroom classes.

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