In June 2016 we moved into our new location, 700 Rayovac Dr., Suite 212, on the west side of Madison.

Here are some views of our new space. Click on a photograph to see a larger version.

Meeting and Class Spaces

PhotoMidwest / Center for Photography at Madison’s meeting spaces, classrooms, digital lab, wet darkroom, and gallery spaces are located at 700 Rayovac Dr., Suite 212, on the west side Madison, Wisconsin.

There are three multi-use rooms. The largest seats over 30 people for lectures and meetings or up to approximately 17 people for classes. There is a separate main gallery and hallway with a gallery hanging system that accommodates up to approximately 25 images. The main gallery can also used for meetings of up to 22 people or classes. The third space is an approximately 19' by 10.5' room for the expanded Digital Lab for printing, framing, and classes up to about 8 people. All three spaces are ADA accessible with an elevator to the PhotoMidwest suite 212 on the second floor. A wet darkroom and storage/dressing/office rooms complete our facilities. Separate women's and men's restroom facilities are just across the hallway.

Equipment includes a 4K capable 65" flat panel display with HDMI inputs that is mounted on a mobile cart, an LCD projector with VGA and HDMI inputs, DisplayPort to HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C to HDMI adapters, a large wall-mounted projection screen, and folding tables of various sizes for classes, meetings, and receptions. Wireless Internet access is available. Both folding and stacked chairs offer seating for over 30 people. The refrigerator is stocked with non-alcoholic refreshments. The PhotoMidwest library is available on open shelves; it includes books on photography methods, collections of photographs and books by PhotoMidwest members.

DIGITAL printing, matting & framing Lab

The Digital Lab has a Canon iPF6100 wide format 24" printer, two Epson Stylus Pro 3880 17" printers and a recently donated Epson Stylus Pro 4900 17” printer. The Canon iPF6100 and the Epson 4900 can print on both sheets and rolls. Printers are open for PhotoMidwest members on Saturdays from noon to 4 pm (unless used for a class or during a national holiday weekend). Members who have satisfactorily completed one of our printer-specific How-to Print classes can use that model printer any time the building is open. On Saturdays call 608 630-9797 to check if someone is already using the printer you want to use.

Bring a print ready image in on a USB flash drive and the PhotoMidwest printer docents will help you preview your image on the calibrated monitor. A few easy steps and you'll have a lab-quality test strip or full print, and at a fraction of the cost of commercial labs. The Digital Lab also has an Epson flat-bed scanner capable of scanning film negatives or transparencies from 35mm film up to large format as well as prints.

We also have the equipment for you to trim, mat, and frame your print. This includes a 24" RotaTrim (the Rolls-Royce of rotary paper trimmers), two model 750 Logan 40" mat cutters, and a point driver for wood frames. There is also an 18.5 x 23" D&K 210M Commercial Dry Mounting Press for flattening prints or traditional dry mounting.


The new wet darkroom at 700 Rayovac Dr. is large enough for 3 to 5 people depending upon the activity. Two Thomas Duplex Super Safelights using low pressure sodium lamps make for an especially well-lighted darkroom.

The three enlargers can accommodate from 35mm (a Leitz V35) up to 4x5" negatives (two Saunders/Omega/LPL 4500 series). All three of the enlargers have variable contrast filters built into the enlarger's head. There are enlarging easels and print trays ranging from small to to large enough for 23" x 25" prints and two archival print washers for up to 17 x 21" prints.

Film developing equipment includes developing reels (both plastic and stainless steel) and developing tanks for both 35 mm and 120 size film. Large format film can be processed in 4x5 capable daylight tanks (including one Combi Plan tank), trays, wire "sloshers", and dip tanks.

Darkroom hours are scheduled on this website in real-time. Darkroom use fee is $5 per hour per member. Up to two members can use the darkroom at once.

PhotoMidwest Library with online catalog