Instructions & Manuals for other Equipment


Always completely empty the washer before tilting or lifting it or the washer joints may break!

The partitions will warp unless they are stored properly.
Re-insert the dried partitions into the washer. Both sides of the partitions must be exposed to the air. DO NOT STACK THE PARTITIONS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER OR LEAN THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER AS IN PAGES OF A BOOK. Each partition must have breathing space so that the absorbed water can evaporate evenly from both sides. Unequal evaporation causes warping which may not be reversible.

Zone VI Print (and film) Washer (up to 12 x 16")
ProWash Archival Washing System (up to 17 x 21")
Zone VI Film Reel Washer: let water flow into the inner cylinder. It will then flow down inside the inner cylinder, outwards at the bottom, up between the cylinders, and out over the sides.

RotaTrim 24" rotary trimmer

ALWAYS hold the trimmer with two hands by the baseboard.
NEVER hold or lift the trimmer by its bars.

HP Combi Plan tank for sheet film


Graylab 300

Thomas Duplex Supersafelights