Help for Scheduling Darkroom Time

Leave the "Quantity:" as "1" unless you want to schedule both of the two darkroom spots for the same time at twice the cost per hour.

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Next choose the day and time for your first hour to begin. See later times by scrolling down the page. Later days can be seen by clicking "MORE TIMES".:

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You probably want to schedule more than one hour. If you do want to schedule another hour, click on "Recurring...". If you are finished scheduling, click "Continue".

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Next click on "Choose additional time":

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You will return to the page for choosing a day and time. Note the first time you just scheduled now appears in the left upper corner. If you want to schedule an additional hour after this first time, pick the same day but a full hour later (not just 30 minutes!):

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Continue repeating the above select, "Recurring", "Choose additional" steps until you have scheduled all the hours you want. When finished, click "Continue":

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You should now see all the times you are going to schedule as shown below. Enter your name, telephone, and email address. Then click "Complete Appointment" as shown below:

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You should now see a Confirmation that the scheduling was successful:

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Youshould also receive an email confirming your scheduled time. Look for a second email with the lockbox code that will be sent 24 hours before your time starts.

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