The Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing. Starts 6:30 pm Tue, Oct 15

This class covers a Taoistic approach to photography; unhurried, relaxed seeing. It is intended for advanced amateur or semi-professional photographers. You should be confident in both your camera work and also in your post-processing skills in your software of choice. Participants should be open to new insights and being bold in their photography.

For more details and to enroll, go to The Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing in the online PhotoMidwest Store.

Selecting Things in Photoshop: 1:30-3:30 pm Wednesdays, Oct 16 & 23

Selecting parts of an image is one of the keys to using Photoshop’s power. Selection allows you to adjust one part of an image differently than other parts, for example for color balance, contrast, or noise reduction. In comparison to Lightroom, Photoshop offers more ways of visualizing what you are selecting, more methods of selection, a workspace for refining the selection, the ability to save and re-use the selection, and ways of combining selections. Photoshop then offers a much wider variety of adjustments to the selection.

Selection is also the first step in removing unwanted parts of an image and provides the image material to make composite images.

To learn more about this course and to enroll, go to Selecting Things in Photoshop in the online Store.

Intro to Bird Photography at Horicon Marsh, 8 am - noon Sat, Oct 19

PhotoMidwest is once again offering our Introduction to Bird Photography class under the auspices of the Department of Natural Resources on Saturday, October 19, beginning at 8 am (for the optional Camera Basics session) or 9 am at the DNR’s Horicon Marsh Visitor Center. This is an improved version of the class with an optional 1-hour session starting at 8 am about exposure, aperture, depth of field, and autofocus modes. We strongly encourage attending this 8 am session if you do not have a good understanding of any of these concepts. You can read more about and enroll in this 4-hour 1 day class on the Friends of Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center website at Introduction to Bird Photography.

NOTE that there are three different Visitor Centers at Horicon Marsh! The class is at the DNR’s Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center at N7725 Wisconsin Highway 28, Horicon, WI. Do NOT go to the visitor centers for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s Service or the Marsh Haven Nature Center.

Annoatated map, Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center N7725 WI-28.png

Color Management & Printing: 9 am - 1 pm Sat, Oct 26 & Nov 2

Did you ever make a print that was too dark or had the wrong shade of color? This class covers the basic information you will need to make a digital injet print that will thrill you.

You will calibrate your laptop display and then print images using custom paper profiles on PhotoMidwest's printers. You will leave the class with a handful of beautiful prints and, most importantly, the confidence to make your own prints which you will happy to exhibit. The enrollment includes $15 of printing on PhotoMidwest's printers.

For more details and to enroll, go to Color Management and Printing in PhotoMidwest's online Store.

Removing Things from Photographs Using Photoshop, 6:30 pm Tue, Nov 5

Despite our best compositional efforts, we find that images could sometimes be improved by the removal of certain things in our photographs. We also find that our portrait photography could benefit from some simple retouching to make our subjects look their best. This class will explore the tools available in Photoshop that allow us to accomplish these objectives.

To learn more about this class and to enroll, go to Removing Things from Photographs Using Photoshop in PhotoMidwest’s online Store.

The 1st Year: Intro to Newborn & Infant Photography, 1-4 pm Sun, Nov 10

This class provides an introduction to newborn and infant photography. lt will cover the best ways to pose and light a newborn and how to shoot the major milestones of the first year. Topics include Getting the most out of your session, Newborn Posing & Lighting, and Infant Photography.

lnstructor Misty Bindl has owned her own portrait photography studio since 2003, Lasting Impressions Photography. She shoots newborns, children, families, high school seniors, business portraits and does a variety of freelance work. In 2018, she became a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

For more details and to enroll, go to The First Year: Intro to Newborn & Infant Photography in the PhotoMidwest online Store.