Documentary Photography with Don Mendenhall, starts 7 pm Monday, April 9

There is no precise definition or meaning of the term documentary photography since it is really an umbrella term for a variety of camerawork. However, in order to distinguish it from other forms of  art photography, we can say that "documentary photography" is a type of sharp-focus photography that captures a moment of reality, in order to convey a meaningful message about what is happening in the world.  It typically focuses on an ongoing issue (or story) which it relates through a series of photographs.

This class is strongly oriented toward making personal choices (distinctions) about the various forms of documentary photography and to complete a documentary project.

To find out more about this class and to enroll, go the the online Store, item Documentary Photography.

Writing an Artist Statement, Tuesday, 6:30pm April 17 & 24

An artist statement is the manifesto of the work and with that comes fear, annoyance, frustration, and excitement from the artist when tasked with writing. The goal of this course is to become better at writing artist statements. Each week we will be completing exercises in writing and reviewing each other’s work to help create successful statements.

Instructor Katharina Marchant is a photographer who recently moved to Madison. She currently teaches photography and art history for the University of Maryland and looks forward to pursing new photographic opportunities around Madison. Katharina has a BA in painting from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an MFA in photography from Utah State University. Her website is

To learn more about this class and to enroll, go to Writing an Artist Statement in PhotoMidwest's online Store.

Introduction to Lightroom class starts 6:30 pm Tuesday, May 1.

Do you want a hands-on introduction to Adobe Lightroom, the powerful but comparatively easy to use post-image capture processing software? Starting Tuesday, May 1, veteran PhotoMidwest instructor John Lorimer will guide you on how to use Adobe Lightroom including pitfalls to avoid. The class is limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure the best learning experince.

For more details go to Introduction to Adobe Lightroom in the PhotoMidwest online Store.

This was a very popular class in 2017, nearly filling two class sections. We are only able to offer one class section this year, so do not delay enrolling if you want to take this class.

Nature Photography class starts 6:30 pm Tuesday, May 22

Do you love the outdoors and the idea of documenting the beautiful locations, plants and animals that you encounter? From backyard bird watching to visiting waterfalls and mountain ranges, nature photography requires the right gear and approach. In this course, you will get an introduction to the techniques, subjects and photographic process needed to hone your skills in nature photography. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, students will develop their outdoor photographic abilities.

Instructor Steve Apps is a Pulitzer Prize finalist (team coverage) with more than 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, most recently for the Wisconsin State Journal where he was the chief photographer/photo editor. He is widely published outside of the newspaper industry with nine book credits to him as the photographer. He has taught photography classes at Madison College and the Rhinelander School of the Arts.

To learn more about this class and to enroll, go to the PhotoMidwest website's listing for Nature Photography.