A 4H club vists PhotoMidwest. Photo by John Lorimer, all rights reserved.

We hope to offer classes for girl scouts, boy scouts, and/or 4-H members oriented toward that organization's merit badge or recognition program. We welcome youth groups to tour of PhotoMidwest for demonstrations of making an enlargement in the darkroom and printing a digital image. Email Education@PhotoMidwest.Org if your youth organization is interested in a tour.

A local 4H group tours PhotoMidwest. Photo by John Lorimer, all rights reserved.

A mature high school student (especially with a parent enrolling in the same class) would be possible in some PhotoMidwest classes with the permission of both PhotoMidwest and the class instructor.

There are several other local organizations that may offer photography programs for children or teenagers.

The Madison Children's Museum has had a summer Nature Photography Camp. Check with them regarding this or any other photography programs.

The Madison Public Library may have introductory classes, for example as part of their Bubbler program. They periodically offer introductory Photoshop or other photography classes with limitations such as "Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult."

As of September 2019, the Madison Community School and Recreation programs have no photography classes for children or teenagers, but you should check to see if this has changed. Similarly, the Goodman Community Center may offer classes.

Parents interested in helping their child or teenager learn more about photography should also consider:

  1. the parent take a photography class or workshop and then do what seems appropriate for their child as a parent and child activity at home.

  2. not limit the programs you consider just to photography. Instead broaden it to include any visual art class or workshop, particularly one involving drawing.

Finally, if you know of a photography class for children or teenagers, please email the information to Education@PhotoMidwest.Org. Thank you.